It takes courage to back yourself. Trust me, I know. And it's doubly hard when someone tells you that what you dream of can't be done. But lots of others have trodden those scary steps, disregarded the sceptics and made their ambitions successful.

What is their secret?

I looked into this last year as everyone seemed to be asking the same question and I was curious myself. I found myself discussing it and advising on it a lot.

And a lot of what I learned really stayed with me. In fact, it inspired me to be brave myself. Now that I'm about to launch my own business, I'm finally in a position to take my own advice, as well as the really valuable insights and advice shared by the successful entrepreneurs in the linked article!

If you're in a similar boat, I hope you find the insights here encouraging and helpful. If you've already trodden that path, I'd love to know what advice you'd give me and others like me.