Whether you're collaborating on a project, selling, marketing, pitching, leading, managing, coaching, teaching or parenting, your success in getting the outcome that you want is inevitably going to depend on how persuasive you are. Forget everything else like funding, protecting your IP, getting the paperwork right and so on... if you can't bring others on board and get them to believe in you and what you're proposing, you don't pass 'GO' at all.

It's why I particularly like Dr. Travis Bradberry's engaging and practical article on the 13 habits of super persuasive people, linked below. When I think about my role models and those who just get buy in whenever they start a conversation, I recognise in them almost all of those 13 traits every time.

And the good news is that according to Bradberry, anyone can get a great handle on these habits and be just as successful.

Well, I have a lot of persuading to do in the coming months, so I'm off to practice... I'll keep you posted!