It sounds like the opening line for the voiceover of the next Hollywood blockbuster.

But this isn't sci-fi or fantasy.

Predicting the future is in fact, Amy Webb's job - or more accurately, her business.

In this thought-provoking interview by Forbes' Christina Vuleta, the founder of Future Today Institute voices her fears about the blinkered and jeopardising approach being taken towards technology and science by our government and business leaders, which, she claims, may ultimately impact even our own humanity.

She examines whether entrepreneurs are more natural (and therefore better) future forecasters than mainstream business professionals and whether futurism can help us develop our next career choices.

She also touches on what 'fringe technology' we should expect to experience imminently as part of our regular working and private lives. This is, for example, clearly going to be the year of us all talking to our machines!

And intriguingly, she asserts that we can all get the hang of futurism by using her tried and tested forecasting techniques.

If you're as curious as I am about the future, this article is definitely worth a quick read. And I'd keep Amy Webb on your horizon too. She seems to know things that others clearly don't - and she's getting her predictions right.