A cautionary read for all intrapreneurs.

Don't sell yourself short and don't 'chase the gold stars' at the cost of realising your true potential.

Pause every now and then and ask yourself whether you're falling into the trap identified in the great article linked below. Are you ticking many or all of the 10 factors identified?

I was. And at the time, I thought I was very happy in my job.

It's amazing how stepping away and benchmarking yourself against the 10 factors described here can help to bring really important perspective.

Life - and your career - is not a dress rehearsal. And your time and energy is the most precious commodity you will ever have.

So please others by all means, but most importantly when it comes to career choices, make sure you properly please yourself. As the author in this great linked article advises, only the people who really deserve you, should get you.