Most of us produce content, whether that’s blogs, articles, advice or presentations. 

We invest valuable time creating it. That's time that could be spent doing other important tasks in our businesses. 

So make sure that that content works as hard as possible for you, to earn its investment of your time, knowledge and experience. 

Whenever you produce any form of content, make it a habit to ask yourself if that content could be repackaged or repurposed and used somewhere else too.  

Advice, speeches and presentations can be genericised and turned into case studies, slideshares and blogs – or all of them. Blogs and slides can be converted into infographics or vlogs or video sound-bites. These in turn can be posted on site-landing pages, shared on social media, attached to newsletters or email campaigns. Use these various formats to invite comments, start conversations, engage with influencers, and to link people back to where they can find out more about you and ideally to buy what you’re offering.

A little extra effort around content in which you’ve already invested your time can be a very efficient and highly effective practice, including when it comes to making you even more competitively distinctive and discoverable.

There are some excellent tools that you can use to be really productive and efficient at content publication and content marketing. Passle is one of my favourite tools and I highly recommend it. 

Linked below are some excellent summary slides from Passle's Dr. Claire Trevien, demonstrating just how many great solutions for recycling your content there are. And the really good news is that these methods are all highly affordable and easy to use. 

So get your content working up a sweat. It should be making you proud.