...and they're consigning their businesses to stagnation and competitive defeat.

The pace of change in business has never been faster or more challenging. 'Business as usual' is fast becoming an outdated expression. 

For some, that's an exhausting realisation. For others, it's exciting.  

However we feel about it, if we don't embrace the realities of today's rapidly evolving business environment and appoint leaders capable of handling it, we're going to be consigning more than a few well-known brands to the junk-pile in the next few years.  

What keeps great leaders ahead of the pack, successfully driving their businesses forward? Is it their education, their knowledge and/or their experience? 

Einstein believed that 'curiosity is more important than knowledge' for progress and innovation. 

Eleanor Roosevelt would appear to have agreed with this. I love her observation that at a child's birth, long before any knowledge has been learned or imparted, 'if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow [her child] with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.'

It's a viewpoint shared by the authors of this great article, who provide a great exploration in this linked article of why and how curious leaders make such a fundamental and lasting difference to the businesses and industries that they lead and influence.