Getting the right kind of attention from the right kind of audience on social media is not easy. In my experience, the key is to enable your target audience to identify with you and in doing so, to recognise you as relevant, in a genuinely value-adding way. 

Essentially, it's about getting them to believe in you. 

Because if they believe, they will spread the word and become powerful brand advocates, helping your brand to reach places and people they might otherwise not have reached, or not as quickly.

By contrast, if they don't believe, you'll rapidly disappear into the 'white noise' within most of these channels and social media just won't work well for your brand. 

So how do you create believers, especially some well-connected and well-followed ones? 

According to one of my favourite branding experts, the founder of BrandQuarterly, Andrew Vesey, to get the optimum results from social media, you may need to do something that's going to feel quite counterintuitive: you must let go, at least a little... 

In the short article linked below, Vesey explains what he means by 'letting go' and how to go about it sensibly. 

What I particularly like about his viewpoint is that he emphasises it's not all one-way; when you let go, you may get a purer insight into how your real fans view your brand, which could be different to how you've been envisioning it. 

These kinds of insights and learnings help to create brands that improve, adapt, endure and stay relevant. They also self-perpetuate, since the more your fans feel invested in you and believe that you're invested in them, the further and louder they will continue to spread the word.   

It's good advice.

If this is a topic that you'd like to know more about, I highly recommend also Hannah Martin's well-curated, user-friendly and free content on the Talented Ladies Club platform: