Go on, turn me off & melt my brain...it's inevitable isn't it? 

PowerPoint presentations can be as energising as sitting in a room full of Azkaban's dementors. They don't just drain the audience. They drain the presenter too - of personality, of dynamism, of humanity. In fact, they can turn a very bright and usually highly engaging person into a wibbling and very dull mess. 

It's why I really enjoyed this short piece by Glenn Liebowitz (see link below). It's absolutely the right perspective. Presentations should be about audience engagement, inspiring a connection with them that hopefully sparks desire/enlightenment on their part. 

PowerPoint is positively deadly when it comes to achieving those objectives. It practically encourages us to forget and undermine them. 

So are TedTalks, or a TedTalk style of presenting, the answer? Liebowitz believes that they are and makes a decent case for it in the linked article.  

I'm not sure they'll work in some scenarios, but it would be a lot more engaging to try out Liebowitz's theory than suffer the current state of play. 

If you really do need powerpoint, there may be some good news nonetheless. Take a look at these new kids on the block: Hypersay.com or on twitter: @hyper_say. Their product, designed to make presentations a whole lot more engaging, looks very neat.

Linked article by Glenn Leibowitz: