Inkspiller sets out a perfect case for branding in the humorous article here. 

In a heartwarming piece of storytelling, she reminds us that 'from a young age, we are primed to attach meanings and emotions to everything around us, even inanimate objects'. 

That innate characteristic doesn't change as we grow up. 

Applying that to brands and branding, she points out, 'that is all any brand is; a collection of emotions, meanings and impressions that live inside our hearts and minds'. 

And if you're constantly making the right impressions and evoking the right emotions, you massively increase your chances of becoming the brand to whom target customers give their loyalty; a loyalty that should last, even in the face of competition.

How to achieve that? Well, the answer is once again powerful in its simplicity and I believe, from experience, that she is right. 

I'd love to know if you agree. 

Enjoy the read.